Why Wokontech

8 Reasons Why Should You Work With Us

Over last 10 years, Wokontech IT Solutions has worked for more than 70 + clients and have completed over 100 + projects till date. In addition, with each founder having more than 10 years of industry experience, Wokontech IT brings a lot of value addition for every client they have worked with.

Wokontech It Solutions has a 1500 sq ft. office space and thus offer all the services under one roof. The office is open almost 12 hours a day.

Each and every member of the team at Wokontech IT Solutions is well versed in English. They are all the time available on tools like Skype so that they can be approached anytime during the development phase of a project. In addition, sending daily updates during development of a project is mandatory for every member of the team. This helps in reducing the communication gaps which can ruin a project development even if you have got the best technical minds working for you.

Wokontech brings transparency to the clients they work with. There are no hidden costs involved once you chose us as your development partners. We follow methodologies like Agile development to deliver the best product in minimum time possible. We provide an exact estimate after going through the requirements in detail for all the clients. In case needed there can be several iterations to it. We make sure each and every doubt is cleared before we provide that estimate. Once that is done we are committed to do the job in specified amount of time unless there is change in requirements.

Wokontech has a long standing reputation of being the most efficient solution provider in the region.

Wokontech excels not in providing the design and development of a project but also uses proper project management techniques. This helps in keeping the clients away from the complexity of life cycle of a project and still they see their idea getting transformed into a solution they ever aimed for.

30+ in-house professionals to choose from.

Finally, work with us because we have delivered, we are in habit of that and we aim to continue doing that.