Hire A .Net Developer

.Net brings Advantages on Dot

Ecommerce stores love ASP.net. Rather the visitors love Ecommerce stores built with .Net framework. It’s in the name itself, ‘Active Server Pages’ as the tool works like a charm when it comes to speed of navigation and ease of use. The .Net developer uses far less code even while programming large and complex pages so that the entire website is ‘light’ and fast. More apps, audio and video enhancements can be plugged in. Editing is a jiffy affair as the pages are dynamic.

Dot Net is the buzzword in the world of web design.

Wokontech and .Net

We are a dot net development company offering two types of services for designing websites and Ecommerce stores. We build websites to order. Or you can use our unique methodology to hire dot net developer/s for the project duration and have the website designed under your direct supervision. The developers work at our world-class web design studio that has advanced IT infrastructure and the latest in open source technologies.

At Wokontech, you will find creativity and flexibility

The difference we make to Dot Net development

Hire a dot net developer from Wokontech team and you get an immediate lead: a lead of extensive experience of over 500 websites and online stores. The professionals have worked with most of the domains and different verticals within each domain for clients in the US, Australia and Europe.

We spend considerable thought while taking someone on board and then spend more time in keeping their skills polished and up-to-date. The environment is cheerful and honed up for creativity. Another peace of mind factor is that there are always back-up resources in case a developer calls in sick or some complexity in design needs additional support.

Two more features make us unique dot net development company.

Our unique methodology

It’s rare in any outsourcing activity for the client to interact with the person actually working on the project. There is always a go-between and by the time your vision reaches the developer, it’s second-hand. Naturally, the website is not as good as you dreamt. Wokontech has changed that. Talk to the designers, recruit your team and interact with them throughout the project.

Our Hiring Models

Ecommerce store design needs a multi-pronged talent. Our hiring model allows considerable leeway; you can add members to the team and call in experts by the hour.


13$ / hours

    • As per Requirement Hours
    • USA working hours*
    • Weekly Billing
    • No Setup Fees

Part Time

1000$ / month

    • 90 Hours
    • USA working hours*
    • Monthly Billing
    • No Setup Fees

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